That Thyme of the Month

As my uterine lining sheds like an avalanche, I find the subject of menstrual cramps to be much on my mind.  Thus, I was intrigued to learn that:

“a randomized triple-blind study was recently published in the Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine in which women experiencing primary dysmenorrhea, painful cramping during their menstrual cycle, were treated with either a placebo, ibuprofen, or thyme essential oil. The women were all between the ages of 18 and 24 years old … The group receiving the thyme oil reported better pain relief than the ibuprofen group. Both experienced less pain than the placebo group. The interesting thing about the study is the results for the second monthly cycle. The group taking the ibuprofen still reported pain relief in the second month, but not as much relief as in the first month of the study. In contrast, the group that used the thyme oil reported even greater pain relief in the second month of use than the first. Researchers say that this makes sense because the body builds up tolerance to drugs, often resulting in increase dosages to achieve the same effect. Because thyme essential oil is recognized by the body, the body does not build up tolerance.”

This is an idea whose Thyme has come.


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