Tickle Your Pickle With Vodka!

So, as it were, my relationship with vodka has been budding lately. Well, it really didn't start with vodka at all... it really all started the day after my wedding when I was feeling a little hung over, and my dad handed me what can only be classified as one of the best beverages I had ever tasted: The Tequila Bloody Mary. It was fantastic! It tasted like a refreshing vegetable that took away my hangover like magic. That was when my obsession with the bloody mary began.

We had some leftover booze from the wedding, and that included plenty of vodka. So, the tequila bloody gave way to the vodka bloody. And that was really when I started to fall in love with vodka again. I say again because there was a time when vodka and I were acquainted, but in all the wrong ways--high school. Ugh. I cringe at the thought of the horrible vodkas I was subjected to during this time... not to mention the low alcohol tolerance coupled with the bad judgment.

Since vodka and I have been re-introduced, so many years later, I have come to sample more and more vodkas I love, and more varieties of vodka drinks I also love. I have now found my close second to the bloody mary: The Vodka Pickle Shooter. OMG. It is the best thing since Kosher pickles! My friend, Jess, had sampled this concoction at a bar one time, and so there we found ourselves, googling different versions of the beverage. We found it, and incidentally, it was breathtaking.

I know that on the surface, this beverage many sound completely outrageous. But all you need to savor this drink is pickle juice, vodka, and an open mind.

Here's the recipe:

1 part pickle juice (use the leftovers in your pickle jar!)
1 part vodka

Place in a jigger with ice; shake really well and pour. Drink and be in awe of how truly wonderful your taste buds feel.

PS- You can also make this into a pickle-tini recipe. Garnish with olives and enjoy!


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