From “Schlub” to Fab...Three Looks, One T-Shirt.

Much of my time blogging involves me dressing like a schlub. T-shirts and sweats are my go-to uniform--Hollister and Abercrombie are my faves, so please make note of it on your Christmas lists. Sometimes my job requires I occasionally dress up for meetings, school events, book signings and such, but I’ve discovered a way to keep my t-shirt and still look good. Each of the following three looks are arranged around one central element--my beloved t-shirts. Here’s me dropping off the kids at school, going to the market and blogging my fingers off......more

I'm Definitely a TIDE PODS Lady for Life!

Today we're chatting Spring outfit options and nothing warms my heart more! If you're like me, you're already thinking about Spring and Summer. With that comes adorable dresses with cute boots or sandals! I'm not a big shopper, so I try to buy items that I can transition from season to season. I find that dresses are the easiest to do this with so I buy a lot of dresses! You can easily take a cute spring dress and throw tights and a blazer and a pair of boots to make it transition from summer to fall....more

Style That Pops with Tide Pods & Me { video + giveaway }

In my late teens, when I was about 19 I think and doing a lot of vintage shopping, I began to view my wardrobe as a collection. I have pieces in my closet that I've had since the '90s, some that were my mom's from the '70s, and more from my grandma that were from the '60s. I loved finding unique "special edition" pieces to add to my collection and it's still how I shop today. This creates and cultivates a sort of individual style that pops!...more

Pop In, Stand Out with Tide

If you've been around here for any period of time, you know of my love/hate relationship with laundry. More hate than love. Laundry is my nemesis, put on this earth only to make me kick and scream on Saturdays. I would rather walk naked down the street than do laundry. Unfortunately, Chris does not agree. So, laundry wins (sigh). Fortunately, Tide showed up in my life a few weeks ago and brightened this past Saturday for me. I have seen these little Tide Pods in the grocery store before and have been tempted to try them, but, honestly, I kind of thought they were more for show....more

Laundry Done Simple: Tide's 3-in-1 Detergent {plus a giveaway!}

I hate to do laundry. The piles, the sorting, the pre-treatments, it just seems so time consuming. The worst is when you use a powder detergent and it falls all over your floor leaving a gritty mess to clean up! I once had a whole box tip over and spill - what a waste! Nothing ever seems easy when it comes to doing laundry! Who's with me? So when Tide sent me their TIDE PODS to try out - I was actually excited to do laundry! Something to make it cleaner, more simple, and a better outcome for your clothes!...more

On Laundry and Color

When Blogher asked me participate in Tide's 'Style that Pops' campaign, I couldn't sign up fast enough. I clothe myself like I decorate my house; in layers, with color, with things that inspire! AND, I've used Tide for 20 years and although I changed brands for short periods of time, I always come back to Tide. I was so curious to try the new Tide pods on my favorite colorful clothes. I hate having beautiful pieces that comes out of the laundry dingy. I'm crushing on pinks and purples right now so I'm in the market for an outfit that looks like this chair and pillow!...more

Style that Pops!

Before we get to the good stuff (a chance to win a $100 Visa giftcard is considered good-am I right?), I have a confession. I cannot stand doing laundry. This counts as a confession because I do know some people that actually enjoy doing laundry. Anyway, I suck at it, too. I will go as long as possible until I have to do it, and that usually results in 3 or 4 (or 10) massive loads where the first 1, maybe 2, will get folded right away. The others? The next couple of days. Just ask my husband! He would know how bad I am at it  because he is equally as bad at it....more

(Product Review) Tide Pods vs. Homemade Laundry Soap

"A few words on laundry. Way back {here} I did a post on homemade laundry detergent. We've gotten a lot of emails regarding this post, mostly about my opinion on the efficacy of my soap, and questions about its consistency (it's pretty liquid-y!) So, I jumped at the opportunity to do a product review on Tide Pods and be able to compare the two! I still use it, the price is right, after all....more

Independently Clean

Let's be honest, it's usually easier to do something ourselves than ask one of the kids. Sometimes it's the complaining about doing it that drives me nuts and other times it's the way it's done (not to mention those times when it's both.) The older they get, though, the better they are at doing a chore that meets my approval upon completion, but it seems like a very long and slow road. Azure likes to volunteer to do the dishes by hand and spends an hour washing 3 plates and ends up like she just crossed the Splash Mountain bridge. But I like that she enjoys it....more

{Product Review & $100 Giveaway} Tide Pods

Laundry is like Lindsay Lohan mug shots...always there and totally inevitable. I actually don't mind doing the laundry, but I'm not very good at it. And who knew being a laundress was even something you could be good or bad at?! There are just so many steps and options...sorting, stain-treating, color boosting, goes on. I just throw it all in, and hope for the best.  Which really isn't a good plan since I have a son who plays sports, a daughter with an affinity for using her shirt as a napkin, and a husband who commutes with a trough of coffee....more