Pop In, Stand Out!

Hey hey ladies! Today we are talking laundry. And no, that is not my laundry room, but I wish it was ;) I don't know about you, but laundry is my happy place. I get a sick satisfaction out of washing my clothes, hanging them dry, ironing them, and placing them in my perfectly color coordinated closet. And yes, I am fully aware some of you are giving me the side eye thinking how in the world does she have time to do that? Or maybe perhaps "girlfriend be craaazy." Either are acceptable, and warranted responses. Life is busy, so I try to save time in little ways....more

Tide Pods: The Perfect Addition to My Laundry Routine

I know I'm a fabric person, but I am NOT a laundry person. You'd think the two go hand-in-hand, right? I love fancy fabrics, but if it's not machine washable, I won't wear it. (Or at least I won't wash it!) Dry-clean only's need not apply. I do have a few handmade pieces that I consider "dry-clean" only. But that just means take it off as soon as I get home and hang it back up. Like that silk skirt and houndstooth jacket that are not to be worn at mealtimes unless completely covered in napkins. So my wardrobe is generally pretty low maintenance....more

The Laundry Deal: Tide Pods Review & Sweepstakes

As a mom of three girly girls, you already know my days are surrounded by dollies and dance performances, and you already know that I spend my "free time" sewing and baking, but have we ever discussed my laundry pile? NO? That's because it's a nightmare. Along with the sugar and spice I've got going on, I also have three girls who like to change their clothes....a lot! As soon as I get the clothes hung up or put away in their drawers, I walk back through their room, and there's a new heap of clothes....more

Tide Pods & I why I love 'em {+ a giveaway}

Raise your hand if you like laundry? What, no hands? You must not be using Tide Pods! OK, fine I still don't love doing laundry, but it's gotten a lot better since I met Tide Pods. With Tide Pods, I pop in a whole new kind of clean! Here are 3 reasons you need them in your life: 1: They smell delicious. I do bikram yoga (on those blue towels in the photo above). If you now anything about Bikram yoga, you know sweating is not optional. It's yoga in a 105 degree room. I can assure you those towels soak up some smells, yummy! We also use those towels to go to beach....more

Tide Pods - Fabulous!

I grew up in a home where there was 1 brand of laundry detergent used and one brand only- Tide! Tide detergent not only cleans my clothes really well, it also smells like “home” and I love it! I’ve tried other detergents over the years and for a while I even used another brand because my husband’s grandma would bring us a bottle each time she’d visit and I wouldn’t want it to go to waste. But then one winter my family visited some relatives and I fell in love with the smell of the sheets in their guestroom....more

Can Tide Win Me Back?!

Ever since I discovered natural and implicitly more gentle detergents for washing my clothes, I must admit that big name brands like Tide, Gain and Clorox have taken to the back of my laundry cabinet. I wash my clothes like I wash my hair, so only the best will do. Why? Because I'm not too keen on wearing an outfit once, washing it, then using it as a dust rag because after one wash it no longer retains the original color and shape. In short, my budget won't allow for disposable clothes, so I baby my threads like I baby my strands....more

Tide Pods Review & Giveaway!

I have a confession. Since we moved, I haven't been using our homemade laundry soap that saves us oodles of money. Up until a couple of weeks ago we would haul our laundry upstairs and use my in-laws washer and dryer. They are the high efficiency kind and my MIL uses Tide--my favorite and what I used before we switched to homemade! It has been a good reunion. Don't get me wrong, I love to save money--but sometimes the extra cost can be justified. The way Tide gets your clothes so clean and fresh just can't be beat!...more

Tide Pods: The One-Stop Laundry Shop

I have a three-year-old boy, which means he’s in love with dirt & the outdoors. I have a husband that works in purchasing, which means he’s up to his elbows in inventory pretty often. Not to mention a 55-lb German Shepherd mix that still likes to jump when she greets us, despite being almost seven years old. Which means LOTS OF LAUNDRY FOR THIS MOMMA. (all caps necessary) Both boys go through 2-3 outfits per day & I’m not exaggerating....more

Tide Pods Make Laundry Extremely Easy to Do

I'm excited to be partnering with Tide Pods and BlogHer to bring you my review of Tide Pods. A powerful 3-in-1 detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. • Pop In. Stand Out. • The only 3-chamber unit dose on the market. • Pop in a whole new kind of clean with Tide Pods. • Just one removes more stains than 6 caps of the liquid bargain brand. Before having Jack, I was a long-time Tide user. I grew up with my parents using Tide too. It was a smell I knew very well. When Jack was born we switched to fragrance free detergents....more

Tide Pods are Easy and Un-Messy!

As a wife and new mom the loads of laundry are out of control at my house! You would think we had a family of five with the amount of laundry I do in a week! Tide has been my go-to brand for years so I was beyond excited when they asked me to try their Tide Pods. Tide Pods are a 3-in-1 detergent that clean, brighten and fight stains. Just one of these little babies removes more stains than 6 cap fills of the liquid bargain brand*. They are the only 3-chamber unit dose on the market and super easy to use! The best part about these was how easy and un-messy they were to use!...more