Tide Pods and $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

I think out of all the household chores that I do (well... that I'm supposed to do), laundry is my favorite. I hate folding and putting away, but I seriously love the smell of laundry detergent. It's a weird obsession that I have. When I took my Tide Pods out of the bag, it was like a blast of goodness in my face. They smell so good. Mike honestly said, "Wow! Those smell so good I actually want to go to laundry!" I think we should be their new spokespeople. You throw one of these squares in with your wash, and they remove more stains than 6 caps of the liquid bargain brand....more

Small But Powerful Tide Pods

My husband and I have a lot of laundry each week. I hear this only gets worse when you add kids to the picturebut for now I'm even having trouble getting all of our clothes washed, dried and folded each week. We have really committed to working out the past several months, which is great, but it adds a whole new layer to our laundry pile. On top of daily outfits, we have work out attire, comfy "around the house" wear, and dress clothes. Each category requires sorting, different wash cycles and the possibility of hanging to dry or not....more

Tide Pods....I am a Fan

With five children in one house there is so much laundry i just can't even explain it. the clothes, the towels, the bedding and then all the sports uniforms and equipment makes for a ridiculous amount of washing every single week. my laundry room is a mess. always. i have tried to keep it clean but i am the ONLY ONE trying. it's a losing battle when it's five against one. we have a laundry chute at the farm house and they use it. but then there is just a GINORMOUS pile of clothes at the bottom of the chute all mixed up....more