Tig Notaro's "Boyish Girl Interrupted" Tour Kicks Off This Month

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Comedian (and BlogHer '14 keynote speaker!) Tig Notaro announces her Boyish Girl Interrupted tour across the U.S. and Australia this fall and winter—including a breast cancer benefit on October 13 at Largo Theatre, where she had her groundbreaking set announcing she had cancer in 2012.

After seeing Tig Notaro perform live and speak at the BlogHer '14 conference this summer, I tried to explain the brillance of her material—and more so her earnest and awkwardly commanding stage presence and delivery—to a friend. I tried to convey how it was an experience that drew the room inside the material in a way that felt very, for lack of a better word, humane. To illustrate, I mentioned that she closed her set with a bit my friend knew and loved from when it was featured on a This American Life episode, and I tried to tell her what was different about seeing the piece performed live.

Tig Notaro on Tour

It's a brilliant bit on audio, to be sure. Tig tells the story of assuring a sixth grader that he will be playing the coolest song ever if he plays the Rolling Stone's "You Can't Always Get What You Want" for his class. Then she plays the song, which begins with that choir preamble that is more cathedral than rock and roll, and she lets the unanticipated reality of it all sink in. I told my friend that as funny as it was on audio, it was infinitely more searing to see it live. The awkwardness of the recording, of seeing Tig right in front of the audience just like that sixth grader must have been in front of his class, and experiencing the way she held the room right there on the edge of discomfort with our own memories of similar embarrassments, betrayals and lack of cool—well, there's no good way to explain how much more of an experience it was to be part of it live. In truth, you just had to be there.

We know that about music, comedy and plays. We know we are lucky to have recordings and all manner of digital media, but that nothing truly compares to exeriencing a live performance. I think it's especially exciting to see a live show from a performer like Tig who communicates so searingly with the negative space between her stories or jokes and the audiences' responses. She coaxes an audience to stick with her set past the comedy version of that choir preamble, and everyone is present with her.

She just announced a major (very major; 40 cities actually) tour with all new stand-up material starting this month, so you'll be smart to nab seats if she's coming to your town. And if you're lucky enough to be in or travel to Los Angeles on October 13, Tig is doing a special

Tig told The Hollywood Reporter she's feeling "ridiculously happy" and she hinted a little bit about what audiences can expect from the Boyish Girl Interupted Tour 2014.

I touch briefly on my family, what I went through, where I am now in my life and just general stories. I have a story about me and my friend Kyle and the time we genuinely thought we saw Santa Claus. You have to hear the story, but it's a true story. There are some stories from my childhood and I feel like it's a richer, more worked out piece of work than I've ever done. And there's other ridiculousness in there.

40 cities this fall, but mine isn't one of them. I know, I know, you can't always get what you want, but Tig's appearance this summer was terrific and I'd really love to see her new material. I might have to grab my friend and plot out a road trip to New Orleans. I hope you are lucky and that she's coming to a city near you.


Sept. 23-25: Just for Laughs 42 Festival (JFL42 pass), Toronto, ON
Sept. 26: Northampton, MA
Sept. 27: Plymouth, NH
Sept. 28: Providence, RI
Sept. 29: Ridgefield, CT
Sept. 30: Baltimore, MD
Oct. 1-4: Bentzen Ball Festival, Washington, DC
Oct. 6: Charlottesville, VA
Oct. 7: Durham, NC
Oct. 8: Athens, GA
Oct. 9: Atlanta, GA
Oct. 12: New Orleans, LA
Oct. 13: Breast Cancer benefit, Largo Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (this will be a night full of surprises!)
Oct. 16: Austin, TX
Oct. 17: Dallas, TX
Oct. 18: Oklahoma City, OK
Oct. 20: St. Louis, MO
Oct. 21: Omaha, NE
Oct. 22: Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 23: Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 24: Cincinnati, OH
Oct. 25: Pittsburgh, PA (Early show / Late show)
Oct. 26: Pontiac, MI
Oct. 29-Nov.3: Maui Comedy Festival, Hawaii
Nov. 6: New York, NY
Nov. 7: Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 8: Boston, MA
Nov. 9: Denver, CO
Nov. 12: Portland, OR
Nov. 13: Seattle, WA
Nov. 14: Vancouver, BC
Nov. 17: Sacramento, CA
Nov. 18: San Francisco, CA
Nov. 19: San Diego, CA
Dec. 6: Regal Theatre, Perth, Australia
Dec. 9: Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia
Dec. 11: Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane, Australia
Dec. 13: Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Jan. 30, 2015: Los Angeles, CA


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