TIKI® Brand Summer Outdoor Entertainment

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Summer is just around the corner which means there will be a whole lot of opportunities for outdoor entertaining. TIKI® Brand products add that special touch to any gathering, whether it is a week-night get-together or special celebration.  Read our bloggers' tips on outdoor decorating and entertaining to get inspired for your next event!

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Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

May is the perfect month to entertain outdoors. The weather is almost uniformly warm and sunny, but not yet unbearably hot. This past weekend, we honored some very special volunteers at a reception in my backyard, and I wanted to be sure that I paid attention to every detail to make them feel welcome and appreciated. If you're planning an outdoor event (from a casual cookout to a more formal occasion), then let me share my Seven Secrets of Outdoor Entertaining:...more

Outdoor party ideas for just the girls

I think sometimes when we think about backyard parties, we think it has to be this big to-do with lots of decorations, catered food, and loud music. We often forget that sometimes, it is nice to take some of the same backyard outdoor party ideas and apply them to smaller get-togethers. They can be something that is not super-stressful and enjoyable on a smaller scale. I wanted to put together a little after-dinner soiree for myself and just a few friends where we could actually enjoy each other's company and the beautiful weather....more

Celebrating Summer with TIKI® Brand Torches

I am so glad that the weather is beginning to warm up, aren't you!?! I've been busy working away in my back yard and can't wait to share that with you but the new grass is taking its sweet time coming in and it still looks a little too "before" out there for me to share any "after" photos just yet... In the meantime, I've been having fun doing some summer backyard entertaining at my parents' house. They have a beautiful yard where I love styling various parties....more

Outdoor entertaining & a TIKI® Brand GIVEAWAY

We have lovingly dubbed it the "party pit"- a little narrow mostly unused space next to our house. Adrain and I have adopted the idea that we should find ways to use every part of our spaces to the max, so when I suggested that we move our picnic table beside our house, rather than the logical teeny patio area that was crowded with a BBQ and potting bench, he was willing to see how it would work....more

Gourmet S'Mores Bar Outdoor Party and A TIKI® Brand Giveaway

You all know I am in love with our courtyard and that we spend a lot of time outside during the summer months entertaining friends and family around the firepit in the space. The weather has warmed up recently and the plants, trees and grass are starting to make a turn for the green. I thought it would be a fun opportunity to host the first official "summer" gathering of the season, focused on one of our favorite activities - s'mores around the fire....more

7 Secrets of Summer Outdoor Entertaining | "Summer Camp" Party

This party was one of the more fun ones we've done. I was so excited when TIKI® Brand wanted to send me some torches for this party, because it was my birthday week and I really wanted to do something fun....more

Outdoor Movie Night and Giveaway!!

With the warm weather and longer days, my family wants to be outside on our country property as much as possible. Whether we are spending time as a family or entertaining friends, it's important that we have great areas to be together. Our property is large and not landscaped, for the most part, making outdoor entertaining a challenge. We do have a large grassy area by our oak tree that we keep irrigated and mowed and we recently set out to make this space a living/entertaining destination....more

Five Tips for Amazing Summer BBQs

You guys!! Summer is almost here... it's so close! We have been itching to kick off our summer even though the kids are in school for a few more weeks... So we decided to start in on our summer bucket List a little early. We kicked our summer off with one of my favorite activities: having a BBQ with friends. This one makes our list every year because we love it so much....more

Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas and a Giveaway

Every year around this time I suffer from a very particular ailment. I've come to find out that the official term for it is "must-have-all-the-latest-summer-accessories/gadgets/gizmos-so-that-I-can-be-the-perfect-summer-hostess-itis." Is anyone else suffering from this problem? I mean, when it's all right there at the front of every store it is so hard not to give into it!...more

Tips for Entertaining Outdoors with TIKI® Brand

The grass is always greener … outside. While your favorite show may always be on Netflix to watch, when the weather gets warmer there's no better way to spend your evening than listening to cicadas buzz and enjoying the summertime breeze. And the best way to relish these warm weather evenings is with a little added ambiance with lighting and no mosquito bites!...more