Time for a change.

I'm new to the BlogHer community, so I guess for my first post I will share some great news!

Here is a little backstory first.

My husband and I are both US Military veterans. My husband was retired due to medical issues and promoted to the rank of Mister instead of Sergeant.

We still have all of our military benefits and privileges (except for the nice paycheck). At the beginning of March we were notified by our medical insurance provider that since we do not live close to an active duty military installation, our out of pocket healthcare costs will increase.

Now we are fortunate to be in hurting financially but I'm not dumb either. I like paying lower medical costs just like the next guy.

Thanks to the budget cuts we were given a kind of ultimatum, stay where you are and pay more money out or relocate and keep more of your money. Guess what, I'm relocating.

At the end of June, I'm going to pursue my dream of living by the coast. Thankfully where I am moving there is a very large military base so it all works out.The great thing about it is that the area isnt much more expensive than where I live now in terms of cost of living!

So it's nice to meeting you everyone.

Your soon to be beach dweller,



PS. Are you ready for the beach?

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