Time is Flyin'

So many things going on in everyone's lives.   Time just goes faster and faster.  If I could just clone myself, I could be....baking, painting, shopping and relaxing at the same time. Oh well, supper is started, almost finished decorating and going to take my Mom out to select a new TV for her home.  I realized I had not touched my blog or my Dear Miss Minnie letters in a week.  I really need to learn how to put pictures on here.  I can't see a way to upload from the laptop so that neccessitates re-learning how to access the webspace I am paying for but haven't used since my eBaying days.

I did take a class Friday that used the Bob Ross technique of painting and brought home a very nice painting of a cardinal looking through a window with a snowy mountain scene in the background.  The picture was name, big surprise, "Looking through the Window".  I had a great  time and it felt so satisfying to be painting again.




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