Time - The Great Pretender (Part One)

Time is one of the trickiest of human experiences; or more accurately, our experience of time is one of the more complex ways in which we define and demarcate the events that, when added together, create who we are and how and why we live our lives in the ways in which we do.

Consider time from the perspective of your own life. Take a moment out of time to cast your mind far back into the past letting your thoughts meander through the years seeking no particular destination. You might find that you instinctively drift down a particular path or that you surprise yourself by a sudden swift movement through time and space to arrive someplace you haven’t been in years. Now conduct a similar exercise, but this time forging a new path into the future with your imagination coursing forward, running free, unrestricted by past events or choices. You may notice a feeling of familiarity as you undertake both mental voyages; a sense that time stands still, or that the events of the past collapse into your imagined future, and a feeling of being time out of time, or of suspended time.

What does this mean to have time collapse in on itself? As if all the years before and all the years to come hold no distinction of difference. Instead you experience the past, present and future as a flat plane, thin as a sheet of paper, with you captured within it as compressed formlessness, where you are able to spread and seep out to any part of the paper, inhabiting past, present and future all at once. This is what it means to be in time, to be fully present in the moment. The moment captures everything and nothing at all, breathing in and out like some great cosmic bellows.



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