That Time I Got Ditched on Valentine's Day

I could have skipped this post altogether.  I mean, it wasn't exactly a Valentine's Day post I ever expected to write but this is how it went down so I shared it anyways.

My husband hates Valentine's Day.  I knew he hated this so called fake Hallmark holiday but for the previous four years he's played along.  Special deliveries at work, a specially baked dessert, a dinner out.  It's always been very low key but we have acknowledged the holiday for my sake.  Last year was the year I got ditched on Valentine's Day.  He finally had enough and boycotted the whole thing altogether.  He told me he was going out with the guys for burgers after work instead and half the guys that went are married; most of them with kids.  Sounds like an ultimate F you Valentine's Day if you ask me. 

Was I hurt?  I have to be honest and say a little but not mortally wounded since I was never really all that crazy about Valentine's anyways.   I've never placed much importance on what I got or what we did.  I enjoy it but my husband's tolerance for this day has clearly run it's course.  He wasn't having it last year and while it was a little bit of a bummer I was okay with it.  And here's why.  I love my husband and I know he loves me.  I don't need Valentine's day to know this.  I don't want him feeling roped into doing something he really doesn't want to on my account.  If it's not genuine there's no point and we didn't get married so we could force each other to do things we really don't want to do.  Marriage is about give and take and it looks like it's my turn to be the one to give on this one.

It was like a parade of sweets, flowers, love notes and special dinners on Instagram but I didn't have a thing to show off except these little conversation hearts I bought myself at Big Lots.  The upside is that I didn't get the chance to OD on sweets or gorge myself at a restaurant.  I spent the evening alone watching a movie on Netflix and eating Cheese Quesadilla's with carb stopper tortillas.  It was a little bit of a let down to be shut out of the V day festivities but I realize that my marriage is more then what I did or didn't get on Valentine's day.  A tiny part of me wanted to pout and throw a little hissy fit over it but I put on my big girl panties and sucked it up.  I did tell him I was sad he went out but that's it.  No point in getting all offended over something like this when I have such a wonderful husband.  He's kind, generous and he puts up with all of my crazy ways.  We do all kinds of fun things together all the time and show our love for each other on other days in other ways.  He spoiled me on my Birthday and Christmas.  Not getting this one day is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.  After a while there comes a point where it just doesn't matter that much anyways.  He loves me for who I am and I have to return the favor even if it means V Day is a thing of the past.  And yes, I did get him something.  Just some football attire he needed and not romantic in any way but I did put a sweet handwritten note with it.  I can't really say I didn't get anything in return though because I got him.

So that was last year. And yes, we are still happily married.   I'm really not sure what to expect for this year.  Is Valentine's Day officially dead to us or will it make a comeback?  We'll see.  He'll always be my sweet wonderful soulmate of a husband Valentine's Day or no Valentine's Day.   


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