Time Isn't Always On Our Side

Laurie:  Last Sunday we turned back our clocks one hour.  After a night of over-indulgence on Halloween candy and scary costumes, the extra hour of sleep was greatly welcomed.  We awoke to daylight and spent the rest of the day adjusting clocks, telephones, and electronic equipment to reflect the end of Daylight Savings Time.  Another annual tradition was successfully completed. 

elizabeth:  One thing that the folks who came up with daylights saving time failed to do was inform our four-legged friends that 5 AM was 4 AM the day before, and no, I am not getting up at 4 AM even though I know that you know that it is 5 AM. I won’t be outsmarted by a yellow lab with a full bladder. That’s what sleeping husbands are for. But to make it even weirder, when it comes to our lab and cats’ dinner bells going off in their heads – they don’t go off at the new 4 PM time (which was the old 5 PM according to their stomachs) but the old 6 PM which is now the new 5 PM. And I wonder why I had my first optical migraine the other day.

Laurie:  The next day the USS New York sailed past my window in the Hudson River.  This Naval assault ship was built from 7.5 tons of steel from the fallen World Trade Center and will serve as a floating monument to September 11, 2001.  It represents the resilience of the American spirit and reminds us that even from disaster and devastation transformation can occur.  And it will serve as a monument to the lives that were lost on that fateful day.  Family members and friends may as well don their bathing suits and swim along side of the vessel because it looks like Ground Zero will never become the monument they had hoped.

elizabeth:  And that is so frustrating to the families and friends of those who were slaughtered on September 11. These developers and politicians could not come up with a plan that could have filled the hole that pierced New York City’s heart. No, they have to fight about what it is going to look like, who is doing what and how much money shall we make.  It is almost 10 years and it looks like it did a few months after the attack. Shame on them. What a callous and cowardly bunch they are.

Laurie:  We’re used to the wheels of government slowly grinding and at times totally stopping.  I just wonder how we justify a gaping hole in the ground that has been under dispute for over eight years.  Children have graduated high school, widows have remarried, parents have died, and time moves on.  Why the hell can’t we resolve whatever problems are keeping this area from becoming a tribute to the day that changed our lives?  Vendors have pitched their tents, hitched up their carts and purchased their tacky New York souvenirs.  Maybe we should take a few lessons from them on how to get business done.

elizabeth:  It saddens me that the USS New York is an assault ship.  I would have preferred the USS New York Love Boat.




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