The TIME Magazine Photo Shoot I Was Contacted For…What Would Dr. Sears Think?

There has been a lot of  controversy surrounding today’s issue of TIME Magazine.  A lot of anger, a lot of praise.  As someone who was contacted by TIME about being a subject in this photo shoot, what do I think?

I was late for my La Leche League Canada meeting this morning.  Not because I was lazy, or Poppet wasn’t co-operating, but rather because I was driving around town trying to find a copy of this week’s TIME Magazine to bring with me.  I wanted to know how these ladies felt, many of whom are strong proponents of attachment parenting.  I couldn’t find a copy anywhere.  Not even at Chapters.  Some had not put it out, some where trying to figure out where to put it out, and some hadn’t received it yet.  With no hard copy in hand, I arrived at La Leche in the middle of an animated discussion on this very issue!

When I was contacted by TIME last week, I was told by one of their photo editors that they were doing a feature on Dr. Sears and were hoping to have subjects who adhered to the attachment parenting principles.  They were trying to find women who were “mainstream”, a more contemporary look.  Making it look like attachment parenting is not just something granola crunchers do.  At 18-months old, it was decided that Poppet was not old enough.  They ideally wanted 3-years-old and above.  Sigh.  Oh well, it was an honour to have been personally contacted, and I eagerly waited to see the wonderful story and images that would emerge for this lifestyle choice we make in our own home.  We are a co-sleeping, baby wearing, nursing family.

Attachment parenting is all about nurturing your child.  Learning to respond to their individual needs.  Being close to your child.  Being attached to your child.  You can see on Dr. Sear’s website the images of nurturing that attachment parenting is famous for!  So, with this in mind, what did I think of TIME’s latest cover?

Well,  I thought when I first saw the cover, “Well!  That will certainly get people to pick up this issue and learn more about attachment parenting”.  But there was something about it that really bothered me.  One lady this morning commented that she felt it showed that extended breastfeeding does not have to be all-encompassing.  True.  I agree with that.  But something still did not sit right with me.  So here are my thoughts:

1)  Attachment parenting is about so much more than just extended breast-feeding.  I was hoping to see some more shots of sling wearing.  What would have been a great picture would have been to have a toddler in a sling, nursing while the mother was doing something else, like cleaning, or reading.

2)  There are many parents who have not been successful at breast-feeding, for one reason or another, who are still fiercely loyal to attachment parenting.

3)  Some of the pictures, rather than showing that extended breastfeeding and attachment parenting are completely normal, rather made it look even more unnatural.

4) THE BIGGEST THING THAT BOTHERS ME THE MOST?  The cover is cold, impersonal, and does not at all emanate the NURTURE that is at the core of attachment parenting.

I can’t help but wonder what Dr. Sears himself thinks of the latest cover of  TIME Magazine himself?

Warmest regards,



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