That Time My Kid Was Kicked Out of Daycare


Because that one receipt wasn't found, we settled for an amount lower than what we'd overpaid. I still sometimes want to go by, but I'm not sure why. To have them see me and know that my boy is thriving in a "real" school setting? I don't know what type of closure I'm after but I imagine a scenario where the director apologizes and I accept but I also call her a petty heifer.

For weeks my boy asked to go to school. There were six weeks until the regular public school opened and he started the pre-K3 program. Nearly every day until then, he asked for his former teachers. I get their wanting to punish us (I don't really), but they hurt my son. There is no scenario I've been able to imagine that involves my being able to tolerate that. He's doing well in school so I'm trying not to dwell. His education is free now so I'm trying not to dwell. We told the truth, we exercised our right to prove the truth, and we prevailed; I'm trying not to dwell.

If I see the director at the mall I will try not to dwell, but I cannot promise that I won't kick her in both shins.


Photo Credit: amrufm.


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