the time of my life...



i remember when i was in high school and running around like a headless chicken

with so much to do and no time to waste and lots of friends and things to do.... i remember thinking,


this is the time of my life...


then there were those college days when i was on my own, independent, and so full of life that you could tip me over and i would bleed school colors and ambiguous jargon about theatre and literature and my feigned interest in politics. i had boyfriends, students, time to waste, and an attitude.


that was the time of my life.


after i was married, eating out 5x a week with my BF, loving my job for the first time ever,  living close enough to family to see them whenever we wanted, gaining 10 lbs, and high as a kite on a large dose of newlywed love.....


that was the time of my life.


but i have to say, living in a small space, with a husband that works 70 hours a week, making less money than rent, in a new place where i only know a few, with spit-up on my clothes and poop in my hair......


where i spend most of the day in workout clothes... from yesterday. and when my husband comes home and very little is done around the house, i usually say something like, "yeah, i didn't get to that...."


the truth? i AM busy... playing.


never have i been more entertained, laughed so hard, felt more spontaneous,

or been charmed right into love

than i have been in this new relationship....



who knew my new favorite job would be so much fun?


this. this is the time of my life.


big red clifford


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