Time Out.


Remember putting your kids in a time out when they needed an attitude adjustment? Maybe you are still in the thick of it and time outs are still a daily occurrence? Maybe you do not have kids and this reference means nothing? Well, I am putting myself in a time out and banning social media for the next few days. Driving home from a lunch date I gave in to a craving and swung by to pick up an iced coffee. The sun was shining and the lovely rays were hitting the cup of coffee in just the right way. Of course, the first thing that popped into my mind—Instagram! So I pulled over on the quiet street and took my photo. As I was hitting the share button it hit me, I am addicted! Yes, to McDonald’s Iced Coffee and to social media. Do I check in on Facebook only once per day? Nope, I am checking the site out multiple times a day. It is not as though I sit on the computer all day long and avoid tasks that need my attention, but it is still too much. I need a technology break and I need to re-focus my priorities. Trust me I see the irony of making this proclamation on my blog, but atleast it isn’t Facebook! You may have noticed I haven’t sworn to give up the Iced Coffee, but I will certainly cut down. My kids have  made the observation that Dad and I are hooked on our cellphones, which is unacceptable. To be fair, our little guy is addicted (at times) to Roblox and we don’t find that acceptable, so we should be held to the same standards. Our time on this planet is so limited and it scares me to estimate how much time we waste. There are so many more fabulous ways to waste our time…walks, movies, picnics, a great novel and the list goes on. So here we go, no more Facebook and Instagram for three days. Let’s call it an experiment and we’ll see how it impacts my days. Ready, set, go…

Stacey Wakelin

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