Time to Plan the Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the countdown has begun. After sending the invitations to our near dear ones it’s time to decide the menu. Mostly we get confused on what to serve i.e. that same family favorite recipes or trying some new holiday recipes; there are plenty of ideas! What you have to do is pick the recipe ideas and with the help of permutation and combination make a grand menu of appetizers, main course and desserts for this festive day.

You can also ask your guests to bring some of the decide menu. Like ask someone to bring the appetizers. Someone to bring nice bottle of wine, some can bring the dressing or sauce. Ask your guest to bring small little things so that you can easily work on the main course and side dishes. This is a great way to reduce hotchpotch and any confusion.

Note: Try not to make any recipe for which you are not sure that how it is going to turn out. If you want to try something new, try the recipe before thanksgiving in a small batch. This way you won’t ruin any recipe. Additionally, always remember the preference of your guest whether they like spicy or mild food. Make sure you provide enough drinks to your guest. Keep a big water tank and put some glasses near to it so that they can help themselves. Some people also prefer ham in their menu, it’s up to you-want you going serve. It’s that period of the year, where you spend some incredible time with your loved and closed ones; when we stopover to give thanks for the things we have.

Below I am sharing some menu ideas that you can try this time –

For the Appetizers:

  • Aztec Corn Soup
  • Knorr's Pumpkin Soup
  • Savory Potato Salad
  • Bacon Wrap Dates
  • Crab Puffs
  • Devilled eggs

For Main Course and Side Dishes:

  • Knorr's Citrus Herb Roasted Turkey Port Gravy
  • Gravy
  • Super Moist Roasted Turkey
  • Fried or Grilled Chicken
  • Pesto Roasted Vegetables
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Grilled Sweet Potatoes
  • Knorr's Crunchy Chicken Salad
  • Knorr's Savory Mashed Potatoes with Chiptole
  • Coleslaw
  • Cranberry and Apple Sauce
  • Cookies or Homemade Biscuits
  • Salad Dressing
  • Crescent Rolls

For Desserts:

  • Spiced Pumpkin Pie
  • Carrot Cupcakes
  • Apple Pie
  • Cheese Cake
  • Cheese Cake
  • Ice Creams
  • Chocolate Cake

For Drinks:

  • Apple Juice
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Sodas
  • Holiday Mojito
  • Ginger Snap
  • A nice Bottle of Wine

While deciding your menu, make sure that you are also delegating some of the dishes to your guests. These are just few ideas that I am sharing. No matter what is your menu, by keeping it simple, trying out your recipes before, and knowing your limits, you will be definitely a great host for this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

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