Time Savers for Social Media Part II

In Part I of  Time Savers for Social Media we looked at the advantages and disadvantages, now what can we do about it? How about findings ways to save time?

Set boundaries

  1. Be clear about what you are using social media for and do not waiver from it
  2. Limit the number of ways you will interact with social media; only have 2 or 3 sites that you are really active on (unless you hire a VA to help)
  3. Be selective when choosing “friends”; “Un-follow” or remove subscriptions/people that don’t add value anymore
  4. Don’t play the games that are made available on the social media sites

Use a timer

This is another way to set a boundary.   Give yourself permission to spend "x" minutes on social media per day. Use a timer to keep you from spending too much time there.

Learn to use some of the social media tools.

Here is a short list of some of the tools available, there are many more with dozens being added daily.  Do a search on these tools (or others like it) and figure out what will work best for you.

  • RSS Feeds - brings updates from all your favorite blogs and websites into one place to view when you are ready
  • YouTube -  create a "channel" and subscribe or save certain videos there that interest you
  • Hootsuite - allows you to connect to multiple social networks and post your comments from one place and allows you to post comments for future dates as well
  • Tweetdeck - similar to Hootsuite
  • Ping.fm - posts content to all the social media sites you use from just one location
  • LastPass - secure online place for all of your passwords, can also fill in forms with your standard information

All the best,

Natalie Conrad

Speaker and Organizing Coach