Time to Trade Rob Gronkowski? Speculating Possible Trades

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Rob Gronkowski has been an absolute beast on the field for the Patriots since his arrival his rookie season, but unfortunately you have to say "when he's on the field" when referring to his dominant play because he is so often injured. With the draft this season holding many solid tight end prospects I think it is time for the Patriots to move on from Gronk and his terrific spike, and look for a healthier more disciplined option.

Before I go into some of the Trades I think the Patriots should be interested in I would like to lay out some disclaimers.
1). These are pure speculation base off of my own opinion    2). These trades are all assuming the Patriots draft a TE or find another viable option at TE  3). These trades are all assuming Gronkowski comes back and plays well for several games so he has value  4). I know the salaries may not always make sense, so I remind you these trades are not perfect, more so interesting ideas/concepts

Stretches --- These trades involve major equity and would definitely be a hard sell, but crazy things happen.

Rob Gronkowski trade for Cortland Finnegan --- This trade becomes interesting if you look at some of the major concerns for each team. For the Rams, Sam Bradford is struggling and could really use a consistent target to restart his career as a solid quarterback. For the Patriots, with Aqib Talib likely asking for big money this off season after a terrific 2013 the Patriots very well might not pay him and may be in need of a number 1 corner.

Rob Gronkowski trade for Ahtyba Rubin --- The Patriots are in obvious need of help on the interior defensive line and I think trading for Rubin along with the return of Wilfork would definitely sure up the line. The Browns also may be open to this trade because they are rebuilding and a young elite pass catcher to go with Josh Gordon would make their offense effective when throwing. This trade is unlikely because defensive tackles aren't often involved in big trades.

Possibilities --- These trades are more of a 50/50 chance

Rob Gronkowski trade for Johnathan Joseph --- The Houston Texans had an absolutely awful season this year, and are looking to rebuild. In my opinion the Texans should be looking for a QB in  the draft, but to go with that QB they could use an effective security blanket. With Gronkowski they will make life easier for whatever QB is starting, the only question is do they want to deplete an already suspect secondary.

Rob Gronkowski trade for Larry Fitzgerald --- Big name wide receivers don't come around in New England too often but I truly believe this trade makes sense. Despite his age the Patriots get a very good pass catcher who also has the experience to coach up young wide receivers. The Patriots also get out of Gronkowski's long contract. The Cardinals get a terrific pass catcher, red zone threat, and an good blocker to help a blooming running game.

Deal! --- These trades make sense and if I were the GM of the other team I would definitely take a long look at them.

Rob Gronkowski trade for Brandon Boykin and a mid/high pick --- As stated before in this article the Patriots likely won't pay Talib or give him a long term contract, therefore Brandon Boykin could be a terrific player to add to this Patriot secondary. Boykin is a terrific athlete and has had a solid season with the Eagles, with his addition to the Patriots secondary they would have three young corners (Dennard,Ryan,Boykin) that could create an strong secondary for many years. The Eagles would get Gronkowski to further propel Nick Foles Career, give the Eagles an option underneath and over the middle, and to a solid blocker for shady Mccoy. The draft pick could be a third or second depending on the fine details of the deal.

Rob Gronkowski trade for Andre Branch and a mid/high pick --- Andre Branch of the Jacksonville Jaguars had a solid season at DE amassing 6 sacks. At 24 he has room to grow and could be a good part of this Patriot D - line. The Jaguars in return would get a player that sells tickets, Jerseys, and just about everything else while also being a great offensive weapon on a team that has a lot of trouble scoring.

Rob Gronkowski trade for Janoris Jenkins and Chris Givens --- Adding Janoris Jenkins to this secondary would be a a solid improvement and add some much needed versatility to the Patriot secondary, also Chris Givens adds a youthful and versatile receiver to a still rebuilding Patriot receiving core. The Rams get a much needed offensive force without giving up an elite player or draft pick.


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