Time Travel

I have been thinking about the last couple of prompt suggestions; what decade describes me? What decade would I love to time travel to?

I always say that I would love to visit Tuscany during the High Renaissance era.  

Not too realistic, but it is a wonderful story, that is if I was treated as a royal and not as a wench.  I am not sure if I can handle the poor conditions…, or being treated differently than a man, during that time or any other time for that matter.

Knowing what I know about me; which is that I am too strong willed; I don’t think I can survive the High Renaissance as anything other than a royal or, sadly, a man.  Which also has me thinking about other  time periods, like the 30’s,40’s and 50’s, yes I love to cook, yet I would not be able to be the happy homemaker in the 50’s, or trying to make ends meet during the depression, these time periods wouldn't work. 

I’d probably be better suited for the late 60’s, marching for a cause…listening to great music, learning to be a stronger woman, and relying only on me.

Well that is what I hope I would do …I chose the 60’s because somewhere deep inside me is a free spirit. She was there once when I was younger…but still afraid back then.  If I had learned to be fearless at 17 things would be so different.

This brings me back to the prompts – what decade would you time travel to visit.

1980- I would visit my 17 year old me- At 17, like the song says I knew the truth – I was much smarter  when I was 17 – I knew that I was in charge of my future, destiny and fate.  

Somehow, as the years progressed I lost that knowledge but I also lost that free spirited me.

I would go back to 1980 for 24 hours to spend it with me at 17, tell her how smart she is, that she is a lot stronger than she thinks and that being brave has nothing on vulnerability and kindness; because that is where power comes from. 

I will tell her that being an adult is hard, there will be many years filled with regret, so follow that dream but know what it is.  

I know at one point the conversation  will be about boys, and I will tell her about all the dumb-ass boys that she will like and she  hopes  like her, are clueless and that she actually is in charge….I will whisper in her ear, “Psst, boys wonder…girls know." She doesn't need to understand that, but just needs to remember it.  

She will ask me what our dream is; I will say to her that she knows it; she needs to decide for all our future selves.  I will tell her that I chose to visit her because she was the one with the plan – she is strong, smart, funny, and beautiful.  Don’t think any less of yourself.  

After the 24 hours I would go back as me, now in the late 60’s, to find that free- spirit  that is tucked under so many layers of regret, anger, at times  and fear.  I would shed all the negativeness and dance at Woodstock.





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