That time of the year!!!

Since it is official that this Fall / Halloween will be our last holiday in our current home I decided to get everything up early so we (mostly the boys) could really enjoy it. Here are a few images of what has been completed. W is still asking for 'lots of those fiery pumpins' but they are not out yet, soon enough W, soon enough.

Here is our front door, the crow actually scared my neighbor when she came over earlier today. This is one feature that I am going to miss, it is so much fun to dress up with the seasons.



This is one of my favorite items for this time of the year, mostly because I made it. Look for a feature on it next week. I made it way before my blogging time so the post will not have any progress imaged, but there will be tons of info.



A la Martha, lots of bats and crows are scattered around the house. The boys love the 'spooky' factor that they add to our home.



A few little details to the powder room. Some more silhouettes and I added in some black twigs to the urn I have in there year round.
I still have quiet a bit to put up, but my time for things like this is quiet limited right now. I am off to make the interior selections for our Wexford Spec home, I will be sure to fill all of you in on the carpet, tile, stain, and paint colors that will be covering that home. Have a fab day! Mel xo

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