Timothy Green. As seen through the eyes of an adoptive Mom.

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Timothy Green

Every now and again, a movie hits the theatres that contains an adoption theme. Sometimes I am aware of it before I buy my ticket, sometimes not.

When I took some of the kids to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green over the weekend, I was definitely aware of it beforehand. Not only had I seen the previews, I had also read my friend Lori's (a fellow adoptive Mom) review of it.

So I knew I was sitting down with my three adopted kids to see a pro-adoption, and even better, pro-older child adoption movie.

It's also a good thing I knew to have tissues on hand, b/c boy did I ever need them. In so many places....

I needed them when I felt the pain of the couple (played by Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) when they mourned the loss of the child they were told they could never have (by birth).

I needed them when they first realized Timothy was meant to be theirs, and they experienced the tenderness of bathing him and carrying him up to bed after he fell asleep.

And like any adoptive parent, I needed those tissues again when they waited to meet a child for the first time. A child they would become parents to. A child they would love with all their heart and soul for the rest of their days.

In the scene where Jennifer and Joel wrote down their hopes for their child on little slips of paper, I remember wishing and wondering, too, both while waiting to meet my children by birth, as well as my children by adoption.

And when I looked at my children seated next to me in the darkness of the theatre, their faces aglow from the light of the screen, I realized many of those qualities were certainly present in my children...

As the hopeful parents wished aloud with each other,
Our kid...
Will have your good heart.

Our kid...
will rock!

Our kid....
will be Picasso with a pencil....

and would NEVER give up.

Thank you Disney, for bringing tears of sadness as well as tears of joy to my eyes, for making me hug my kids a little tighter, and for helping them to see how very wanted and adored they are to their parents, even though they were not born to them.

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