Tin Cup Chalice

Hey y’all! My name is Caron and my blog is called Tin Cup Chalice, named after my favorite Jimmy Buffet song. A little about me? Well, I live in Florida and work at a University and have been in higher education for over 10 years. Sometimes I really love my job and sometimes I am frustrated by the bureaucracy. I have a wonderful husband, loving and supportive family, a great church community and some amazing friends. I have a blessed life, albeit crazy and disorganized at times, and I’m thankful for each new day and the challenges it may bring. In my blog you will find posts about anything that I consider interesting. Sometimes I’ll share my comments on articles I’ve read that have touched me in some way. Sometimes I’ll write about the actual conversations I have with the students and faculty members at the University under which I am employed. Sometimes I’ll just share stories and experiences from my personal life. Currently I'm pursuing learning a second language and working on buying a starter home. Be sure to follow along with me on this adventure. As Jimmy Buffett says, "Gimmie oysters and beer for dinner every day of the year and I'll feel fine." Life is good y'all!