Tina Shoulders

Designer/ Educator/ Runner/Mom

Tina Shoulders is a branding and social media strategist who runs Exposure Camps to educate teens to the power of content creation. She ia currently working on a startup, a web venture to support the camp. She is an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the creator of the pop culture inspired home furnishings line Laidback Home.

Tina is an avid runner who blogs that "you are beauty in motion" on her blog Beautiful Athlete which she started as she chronicled her journey of becoming a runner and loosing 55+ pounds. She uses Beautiful Athlete as a platform to encourage women to get moving and to be a vehicle to promote healthy living especially amongst African American Women. She has spoken on fitness, running, health and media at SXSW and NY Social Media Week.

When she is not working via the interwebs she is hanging out or bantering with her 13 year old son and coaching Little League Baseball.