Tiny Trees by Whispering Gibbon: A small company who have big ideas

Tiny Trees

An independent games company called Whispering Gibbon are soon to bring out a visually rich and aesthetically pleasing mobile app in which users cultivate and grow their very own Bonsai tree.

I’ve been chatting with the guys at Whispering Gibbon, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and I’m really excited about what they are doing and definitely thought it blog worthy!

In a similar style to that of virtual pet games, this game centres round you growing, shaping and nurturing your very own virtual Bonsai tree.  As the game progresses you eventually create a stunning Zen garden of your designs in which you can share your creations with friends and discover new and whacky tree species. You are guided through the game by the adorable panda Sensei who helps you uncover mystical secrets about the garden and unlock new incentives and credits.

The team at Whispering Gibbon are totally obsessed with getting everything just right and have even spent the day at the Bonsai exhibition at Willowbog in Northumberland where they picked up their own little Bonsai Tree who they aptly named Elmo; as he is a Chinese Elm. Being fed on a mixture of biscuits and Bonsai knowledge the guys returned to their desks to apply what they had learned to their game. What makes this app extra exciting for me is that Whispering Gibbon are planning to use 3D printing technology, enabling users to print out their designs in 3D! The guys showed me this example of how they see the 3D printing being used….

3D print Tiny Trees

Having recently been listed in Develop100’s list of software developers to look out for in 2014 Whispering Gibbon are working insanely hard to bring us a beautifully designed mobile gaming app. The team spent three months on a couch down in London to secure funding for their project and have been awarded funding from Jenson Solutions after successfully pitching their idea to the likes of Microsoft and Dolby Studios. The game is sure to be a hit in the app world and definitely one to look out for. If you believe in the phrase ‘you get out what you put in’ then the amount of time and dedication this game has been given, it is sure to be a success.

Their website is whisperinggibbon.com for those of you interested in seeing more about what they are up to.

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