The tip.

I never had any cash.

He knew it too.

He dropped by my work to give me some.


I didn’t have my purse.

I tucked the one hundred dollar bill inside my bra. 

When I picked up the kids, I could pay Mom.


It was a busy work day.

Time passed quickly.

I called to remind Mom I would be late.

I had a doctor’s appointment. 


I sat on the examination table. 

I happily waited for the doctor.

It was a new doctor in the clinic. 

I had not met him before.


I told him I had a cough. 

He listened to my chest. 

I inhaled.

I exhaled.


Still, he said nothing.

“Uhm...what do you do for a living?”

I told him.

He wasn’t looking at me.

It was slightly awkward.


He diagnosed bronchitis.

He prescribed an antibiotic.


As I walked to my car,

I glanced down to my chest.

I gasped!

I stopped short.

 I looked around.

I ran for my car.


Safely, inside my vehicle...

I looked down again.

The one hundred dollar bill...

Positioned for the world to see...

Or at least that doctor!


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