Tip 16 for shaving up to 50% off of any grocery bill: Skip Prepared and Pre-cut Items

 Tip 16 for shaving up to 50% off of any grocery bill: Skip Prepared and Pre-cut Items

  It can be a great time-saver at home to use prepackaged and prepared foods. Many grocery stores also offer pre-cut or pre-sliced items, such as chopped green peppers or cheese trays. While these types of items are certainly convenient, they are expensive compared to non-prepared items.

Whenever possible, make your food from the most basic ingredients, or even from scratch. I make most of my meals from scratch and spend a on average for a family of four two teenager remember of $160.00 a month on meals after coupons of course.

 I like buying  non prepared foods and breaking it down if I buy say cheese I buy a large block and cut it in three one I freeze  one I leave for grading and one I slice and layer between wax paper for quick sandwiches. This does take time but if I make time now it makes lunch time prep much faster. I do the same when I buy  large packages of meats if I buy  a 2 pack of ground turkey meat I package it in four and that provides four meals using my food saver helps all I have to do is mark the date and off to the freezer it goes.  All of this takes time but ultimately I feel my family benefits from a from scratch meal and it helps to bring helpers into the kitchen at meal time it teaches my kids to cook and leads to less time in the kitchen for me.

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