Tip #3: Dashing Through the Malls

Again, perfect for this time of year.
Advice that comes a little late though (sorry guys! Next year, maybe).
I worked in Retail for years, at various stores - everywhere from clothes to jewelry to shoes.

And my Christmas money saving tip for you?

Shop early. Earlier than November 15th, if at all possible.

Every store that I worked at - big company or small company - did the same thing around Christmas.

They either a) marked the popular Christmas gifts up or b) stopped any sales.
I worked at one store that always had different promotions on, from BOGO, to 25% off the first item, to free gift with purchase. I can't think of one time where we weren't supposed to remember a new sale or promo, or coupon code. Until November 15th. & That lasted all the way until the first week of January.

So, based on this knowledge, you could save a whole lot of money.

Like I said above, try to get shopping done before November 15th. This is usually when the sales stop, the promotions get held, & the prices leap.
You may be fooled into buying something around Christmas that says it is on sale. It's usually not - they've just marked it up & then discounted it a bit, so that you will end up paying the same price as if it weren't on sale.
I know, tricky. But holiday shopping is how most retailers make a large chunk of their revenue. They have reasons that are good enough for doing this - the electronic stores, for instance, have next to no revenue all year, except for around Christmas. They'd go bankrupt if they held sales around the holidays.

So those pair of boots your going to get your daughter? Buy them in September. It will save you a lot. I'm talking, for a $100 pair of boots (before tax), if it is even a 10% off sale, it would be $90 before tax. That's saving $10 on a pair of boots. Doesn't sound like a lot, until you start buying gifts for your husband, son, grandmother, mother, father, nieces & nephews, & your dog (yes, your dog). & plus, if you can do a BOGO deal - say you are getting your daughter those boots & your son a pair of shoes - you'll save loads more. Just not around Christmas.

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