A Tip For Tuesday

Anne Kimball

Bringing Borya Home

A Tip For Tuesday

Some easy-peasy diy gifts for the hopelessly uncrafty:

Flat-iron holder made out of a potholder.

Tote bags made out of old t-shirts.

Custom t-shirts drawn with a bleach pen.

I am really short on time right now, so can't list the instructions. But they're all on my Pinterest boards, so just click the button on my sidebar that says 'Follow Me On Pinterest'and it'll take you right there. Otherwise, bear with me and I'll get them to you later this week.

I've made some of the totes from t-shirts. Also made some scarves. I'll see if I can put those up later. Real cute. Very simple, and they're no-sew, so how awesome is that?

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