A Tip For Tuesday

Anne Kimball

Life on the Funny Farm

I made this menu board in my kitchen.
Just a little chalkboard paint is all it takes.
I put a few coats on the strip of wall next to my refrigerator. At the top, I wrote "Today's Specials", with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.






Below that I wrote about 30 or so of the dinners we eat most commonly. I write the date next to each dinner I make, that way I can keep track of which dinners I've already made, so I don't repeat too often, and so I know when it's OK to reheat, and when I should pitch what's leftover in the fridge.

After I've gone shopping, I place a mark next to any of the dinners I've just bought the stuff for, so I know what I have on hand to make in the coming week.






I've had this up for a few weeks, and it's worked out really well.

Plus, now when I get asked the question "What's for dinner?" 47 times a day, I can answer "Look at the board" instead of ""spaghetti" or "tacos."

Wait. I guess that doesn't help much, does it?

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