Tips and Tricks for Veggie Haters

Eat your vegetables! You need three to five servings of vegetables a day! I have been hearing this for as long as I can remember. The problem is…I hate veggies! Ok, I don’t hate all veggies, just most of them. But I do understand the importance of them in our diets, especially since I am now trying to eat healthier and lose weight. So what’s a veggie hater to do?

Over the years, I have found or devised some little tricks to get my daily-recommended allowance without having to make funny faces trying to choke them down.

Read on to find out how I do get my veggies in.


Liz aka Newme discovered the love of writing and the young age of 50, and an even greater love for copyediting at 52. She is an ever evolving, ever growing New me. Find her at Forever in Blue Jeans


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