Tips for Cold Weather Tailgating

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Baby it's cold outside.

Normally I would just stay inside but a friend of mine offered me a ticket to the Sunday night Redskins/Cowboys game a couple of weeks ago.  How could I say no to that?

She asked if I wanted to tailgate. Of course I wanted to tailgate. I like tailgating almost as much as I enjoy the actual football game.

Here was the problem. I grew up in Florida. In my mind tailgating a football game involves sunscreen and plenty of water so that you don't dehydrate. 

The night of the Washington Dallas game it was 35 degrees outside. With the wind chill it felt like 20. 

I put on a pair of wool socks, borrowed a warm jacket from my husband and stuck my gloves in the pocket. I thought I was ready to go.

My husband looked at me like I was insane.

He informed me that I needed more layers. To make a long story short, I left the house in long underwear, a pair of jeans, smart wool socks and something like five shirts, a hoodie, a micro-fleece shirt, a big coat, a hat and gloves.

I was okay, but I could have been much warmer.

Let me tell you five things this Florida girl learned about cold weather tailgating from the pros at the Redskins game:

1) When the seasoned tailgaters give you chips and queso, the other game goers aren't being rude by dipping their chips directly in to the crockpot. They are doing that because if you put the cheese on your plate it turns rock hard in about 40 seconds. Lesson learned.

2)  Hand Warmers: they make these little things that you buy and they are little packs that you put in your gloves or in your shoes and a chemical reaction makes them warm up. They stay warm for hours. They rule!

(Why didn't Rita tell me about these?)

3) I need a neck gaiter.

4) I couldn't figure out why people were bringing pillows to a football game. It seemed sort of crazy, until Dee told me that people sit on them so that their butts didn't get cold on the freezing seats in the stands. Genius!

5) Lap blankets. You people that live in Buffalo probably think I am a complete moron, but it has never before occurred to me to take a blanket to a sporting event unless I was going to have a picnic. This is another sneaky way to keep the heat near you... it could also be a good excuse to cuddle up (you know, depending on who you go to the game with.)

I suppose you native northern football fans have great recipes for tailgating coffee drinks or warm cocktails too. I'm not mocking you. Please share.


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