Tips on getting your closet/shoes organized

Before Pictures 

Closet Revamped 
If you have shelves, USE THEM!  They work wonderful to organize shoes. 

Starting from the left, I have combined sweatshirts, then dresses, vests, leggings, and the last section are all sweaters.  

Here, starting from the left, I have all my t-shirts color coordinated,  then long sleeve, casual tanks, lace tops, and last, button up tops.

 Again, if you have shelves, they also work great to store jeans, work slacks, etc.  Always be sure to look up when trying to find space.  I think we are often thinking about what is right in front of us.  Utilizing the space you have is key!  Always be thinking outside the box when it comes to organizing, it will get you very far.  Here I have stored all my summer sandals and shorts in bins above.

Jewelry is always a tough one to get organized.  "The Container Store" is a great place to find items to store your jewelry.  It's a little on the expensive side, but totally worth it!  If you're on a budget, I would try Fred Meyer or Target.  Although, the spinning earring holder in the above picture is from World Market,   LOVE this store!!!!

In this section of my closet, I have added an extra wooden bar.  In the "before picture", you can see it used to be one long section.  Great to store dresses, but my shoe storage was more important to me, so I added an extra pole to display my boots.  I've used skirt hangers to store them!  Works great to utilize the space, and makes viewing my collection very easy.