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My kids are big kids now (15 & 18), and I really miss those years when they were younger and I got to be Santa.  I loved shopping for toys, the hours wrapping, and especially watching the joy on their faces as they tore through everything in a matter of minutes.  Back then, I was blissfully ignorant of all the dangers lurking in those toys.  My only concern was getting the best deals I could find and making sure both my kids had an equal amount of gifts to unwrap. But it's not so easy for moms today.

If you're a mom, or anyone buying toys for a child this year, here is a round-up of posts that can help you make safe toy choices.

Here is a checklist of tips to help you buy safe toys...

This holiday season, don't grant your kids' wishes for the newest, coolest toys until you know they're safe. With new product recalls almost daily, trouble with lead-tainted toys from China and studies showing that certain chemicals may be harmful to children, choosing safe and healthy toys can be a daunting task.  So we're here to help you stay vigilant about toy safety. Before you buy, double check that the toy you're considering meets our safe shopping guidelines.

From Keeper of the Home - Safe and Natural Children's Toys...

It all started a little over two years ago. Recalls on toys (particularly from China) were coming out left, right and center. Our little guy was about 5-6 months old and just starting to put absolutely everything in his mouth. I found a recalled toy among our bunch- a very non-threatening looking set of cloth baby blocks made by Baby Einstein. There was too much lead in the paint designs on it's side. It sort of pushed me over the edge, and thus my search for something better began. No way, no how was I going to let my baby and toddler suck, bite, gnaw, lick (come on, admit it, your kids do the same things!) on highly toxic, junky plastic, phthalate-enriched, heavy-metal laced toys of unknown origins.

From Non-Toxic Kids - Non-Toxic Kids Gift Guide 2009...

Here it is! My annual gift guide for safer toys and children's products, good music and books, all Non-Toxic Kids approved. Since starting this blog over 2 years ago, I have reviewed numerous quality online stores (often run by green mamas), safer toys and products for children, and quality books and children's music. There are no mass produced items from China here.

and Trouble in Toyland:  Parents still need to be vigilant...

Every year, VPIRG and USPIRG tests several toys for safety, and offers tips and information for parents about how to keep kids safe from toxic, harmful and unsafe toys. I read a statement at the VPRIG press conference last week.

And this year, things are a bit different. We've finally banned phthalates and lead in toys. That's progress. But according to VPIRG, we still have a lot to be concerned about.

From The Fashionable Bambino - Toy Safety Tips...

With news headlines stating that the Zhu Zhu pets are unsafe, we thought we would post this list of toy safety tips that just came through today….just in time for the holidays when many children will be receiving new toys as gifts.

From Nature Moms - Top Ten Green, Natural Toddler Toys for 2009...

Natural and green parents know doubt want to find sustainable, natural, ethical, and planet friendly toys for their toddlers this Christmas. Does that have to be a tall order?? Where do you start? Do you want wood toys, cloth toys, solar powered toys, organic toys, or a combination thereof? Browse our top picks below for the best green toys for Christmas 2009!

From News Anchor Mom - Recalled Toys...

If children are on your holiday gift list, beware. More than two dozen toys have been recalled this year for safety reasons. With safety in mind, the American Academy of Pediatrics has prepared a tips list.

From Baby Goes Green - 2009 List of Unsafe Toys...

World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc. (WATCH) is a non-profit organization which releases its annual list of the "10 Worst Toys," which are evaluated for the potential safety hazards they can pose to children, infants and toddlers. WATCH has researched potential safety flaws and dangers in toys for more than 30 years. This year's list includes a book, a stuffed animal and, perhaps not surprisingly, a faux rocket launcher.

From PhD In Parenting - Toy Recalls:  Inside the Melissa & Doug Imaginarium Recalls...

Health Canada has been busy issuing recalls of wood toys due to excess levels of Barium. These are toys from companies like Melissa & Doug, that conscientious safety-minded parents have come to trust. It also includes toys from the Toys R Us Imaginarium brand. These are toys that are in many houses. Toys that are on many Christmas lists. Toys that may already be wrapped and under the tree. So far the recall is limited to Canada and only to toys purchased within a specific time frame. But there is more to the story than that. If you bought your toy in the US or bought it earlier than the specified time frame, that doesn’t mean it is safe.

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What are your safe toy recommendations?

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