Tips for Mindful Eating

Being more mindful of your food not only heightens your enjoyment of food, but it can help you manage your daily calorie intake.

Researchers have found that aroma, presentation and mood can impact your satisfaction of food.  If the scent and taste of food are congruent, we enjoy the food more, which often slows the eating process down.  This slowing is always healthier for you.  It’s been found that it takes food 20 minutes after eating to leave you feeling satiated; communicating to your brain that you are full.  That is why mindless eating while driving, working with computers or watching TV can lead to higher total calories being consumed.

Some helpful tips to connect you with your eating experience are:

-Increase the smell of your food experience with spices or even candles.

-Sit at a table with a place setting. 

-Disconnect from all electronics during meal times.

-Use music to enhance your experience by improving your mood.

-Put your fork down between bites.

-Use contrasting colored plates to the hue of your food.  Researchers have found that if the food and color of the plate it is served on are very similar, you eat more food and therefore more calories. Make a Roast Vegetable Bake and put it on a white plate instead of a red or green plate.  

-Breathe!  It may seem ridiculous, but taking one or two deep, cleansing breaths before you begin a meal can reduce stress and relax tense muscles to improve your satisfaction with your meal.

These tips for mindful eating cost you nothing in money, but can improve any meal and may help you manage the total calories you eat in a day.


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