Tips for Small Business Owners – Thinking Outside the Box

You've got your business plan, your office location, your phone system, your products and employees.  Now that you've got your small business up and running with some of the basic business necessities, you can take your growth to the next level by thinking outside the box and doing things that not every other company even considers.  

Engage Social Media

FourSquareMore and more people are doing business on the internet, and social media is a huge force for driving traffic both to your business websites and to your local brick-and-mortar locations.  Engaging your potential customers through Facebook, twitter, foursquare, blogs and other social media applications can make a big difference in your bottom line.  These sources will expose your business to a wider audience, and perhaps an entirely different audience, than conventional forms of advertising.  Many companies are finding social media to be key in advancing their businesses to the next level of growth.

Standardize Operations

In addition to growing your business, no matter the size of your company, you will benefit from standardizing how you do things.  Being able to manage both your employees and your products in the most efficient ways will maximize your productivity.  ISO 9001 certification (International Organization of Standardization) is something that will improve the operations of even small businesses, with the focus of increasing the quality of the management systems to unlock the full potential of your company.

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