Maegan's Tips:

* Turn your skin care routine into a habit that's easy to keep.

* Always wash your face before bed.

* Use a moisturizer with SPF during the day & under your makeup. Makeup with SPF is an added bonus.

* Drink water throughout the day for a better complexion.

* Beauty comes from within so eat well and add a few skin-boosting vitamins.

* Become your own science project and find a moisturizer that works for your skin type, not just because it's buzz-worthy.

* Try not to pick at your skin. {This is actually a real challenge for me. I have to constantly remind myself that while I think picking is going to be a solution to a breakout, it ALWAYS makes it worse}

* And when all else fails, Smile! A great smile exudes radiance, happiness and hides all imperfections.

Tips from our Beauty Panel:

* Katherine from Fresalina uses white granulated sugar as a scrub while in the shower which quickly restores her radiance.

* Carol at Middle-Aged Diva keeps a jar of cream bedside to moisturize as she's slipping into bed.

* Lianne from A Content Housewife grabs a handful of instant oats, dampens them by running her fist under water and gently rubs them on her face for a minute leaving her with soft glowing skin.

* Jenn at Blenifer ALWAYS uses a moisturizer with SPF and reapplies it throughout her day.

* Jane from Scheiss Weekly keeps her face cleanser in the shower for low maintenance skin care.

* Liv from Liv(E) dabs a bit of Tea Tree oil on trouble spots.

* The Beauty Mark reminds us to NEVER pick at our skin.

* Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen says drinking water every day has cleared up her adult acne and plumped up her fine lines

* Fiddledeedee agrees that water is great for flushing toxins.

* Jenn at Blenifer and Amanda from Inside dog say moisturizing with SPF is crucial and always have a tube on-hand.

* Emily at I Came to Run keeps things as simple as possible by focusing on essentials that can do double-duty like cleanser that also exfoliate and moisturizers with SPF.

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