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Saturday, August 11, 2012


I love window-shopping for antiques.
Otherwise known as antiquing.
Or, when I can't be bothered to form three full syllables, tiquin'.
I got the chance to go tiquin' a couple days ago, and I was in heaven.
I got to see some really cool old pieces.
Folk-art and rugs.
Creepy things that ought never to have been created.
Paintings of unfortunate looking people.
Artwork that caused a thin spittle of drool to run down from the corners of my mouth. I felt something akin to hunger pangs when I gazed upon them. It was like looking through the window of a pastry shop. I wanted to cry out, "I'll take the lot!", but alas, I have children to feed.
I don't know if you know this about me, but I am fortunate enough to live near the Brandywine Valley area of PA. Steeped in history it is. And it is birthplace and home of the Wyeths.
You know.

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.
I love you.

Will you marry me?

It won't bother me that you're dead.

It won't bother me that you would be 94 if you weren't dead.

I love you.





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