Tis' the Season

Tis' the Season!


So, this weekend was kinda busy and sad for a couple of reasons which I'm not ready to even talk about yet. Hasn't sunk in. Soooooooo, I only got my trees up. My parents bought me a white Ty Pennington tree and a container of ornaments from Sears on Black Friday. I will say this...150 for tree-worth it, 260 original price--not worth it. 35 for container of ornaments--not worth it unless on sale; i felt the quality was not worth the retail price.

Since I've been "living on the edge" recently [see last post], I decided to do a "fun" tree for my den. The tree is white with iridescent glitter on it, and the ornaments are bright and fun!!! I couldn't find a tree topper I liked that would go with this color scheme so I improvised with the large peacock ornament from Hobby Lobby. Also, this is my first time to ever work with deco mesh. Don't judge;) ha!

Here's a picture of it lit up
All the ornaments were purchased at Sears, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels
Next year, I plan on having more time to play around with the deco mesh, and I'm hoping to learn how to make those wreaths as well.
Hopefully, y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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