The Tittie Bars

My friend Duke was going nuts on someone for calling a Tittie Club a "Boobie Bar" as though calling it a "tittie club" is so much more sophisticated, right? Duke, for all his strange male quirks (to include but are not limited to his favorite reading spot) does get me thinking about gender roles. 

While Duke actually wasn't interested in going to a local club (he says the girls just look unclean)  if there were a "classier joint" he would probably have gone. I never knew a strip club could ever be classy... 

Now don't mistake me for some prude. I have been to strip clubs, mainly when I got out-voted by a mostly male group of friends. Despite the borderline offensive objectification on parade before me (from the men, not the women) I've never had a bad time. I could never tell who had it worse; the women using their bodies, or the men who threw money at them. 

Or maybe it was me?

After all, I have used diet pills to supplement my work outs mostly because it generates better results and an added boost of adrenaline but sometimes because I want to have a better body. I'm not doing it for my health, so why am I doing it? Quite simply because I want to be attractive. There are no other real benefits. I'm a serial monogamist so it's not to attract partners. I'm a professional blogger, so my appearance does not hinder my job. So why? 

As much as I protest about makeup, too many hair products and over-priced purses and clothes, I do objectify myself. A good amount of my confidence is that I do consider myself attractive and I want to remain that way. Then, what I lack in the looks department, I make up for in other ways such as money and personality. So, if I really didn't care about my appearance why am I taking diet pills and why do I bother weighing myself? 

Heck, unlike the strippers, I'm not getting paid for any of this effort!

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