To the Manor Retired (Almost!!)

    I may have this picture-embed process figured out finally.   Wanting to consistently show which life segment I am writing about  has been a challenge but this morning, I may have made a breakthrough.

This is a picture of the Manor on a cold morning where the sun had almost burned off the cloud that was covering the mountain that day.  I thought it turned out well enough to use for Manorly posts.

I have been sanding, wood filling, and sanding some more on my art studio.  Cleanup and  priming the walls are next.  Oh, and replacing the glass I managed to break while detail sanding the window wood.  Thankfullly, it was not one of the wavy glass panes circa 1900!! 

Anyway, being techno-challenged and stubborn enough not to accept defeat, I hope to have more and more visuals in my postings.

Patience is a virture!!

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"

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