Toasty Tuesday: Fuji’s Famous Burgers & More!

It’s a hard to miss Fuji’s Famous Burgers & More the fact that it’s right in the same shopping plaza with Costco so anyone can easily bypass this place. This is a small joint in Fountain Valley CA that serves burgers with an Asian twist and serves other Asian Fusion items. Choose from their wide variety of items from sandwiches, salads, burritos like the Teriyaki Beef Burrito with fried rice, tacos called the Chashu taco, sides like Spam Musubi which is Spam and rice rolled up in seaweed, Teriyaki beef fries,, and burgers such as the  Teriyaki Burgers which is popular. For cheap tasty eat you gotta try this place. They make their sandwiches with Arminian bread to make their sandwiches like the Beef Teriyaki Beef Sandwich.

IMG 20140813 175145 Toasty Tuesday: Fujis Famous Burgers & More!

“The Chicken Salad” Sandwich

So here’s a funny story when I came here with “G”. I wanted to get something light so when I saw an item called “The Chicken Salad” I made my decision. I went up to the counter and asked for “The Chicken Salad” number 13 (I believe). Then our order was ready to be picked up. I saw foiled wrap sub! This did not look like “The Chicken Salad” to me. I looked up to the chalk board with the menu and noticed it did say “Tthe Chicken Salad” BUT was under the sandwich menu. I thought that was funny and just laughed it off. Took my first bite and loved it. The sandwiches aren’t too big but it’s really tasty.

“G” ordered the Avocado chicken sandwich which he also enjoyed but he liked mine more.


IMG 20140813 1745471 Toasty Tuesday: Fujis Famous Burgers & More!

Fuji’s Famous Burgers & More Chalk Board Menu


IMG 20140813 1746182 Toasty Tuesday: Fujis Famous Burgers & More!

Fuji’s Famous Burgers & More

Check out the cool chalk board menu on the wall. When I got a closer look I noticed the chalk board is painted on the wall. There’s even a cool artwork of perhaps Fuji?


Fuji’s Famous Burgers & More is located at 17870 Newhope St Ste 103 Fountain Valley, CA 92708.


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