I ran out this noon time and got the partical perm. One thing I hate about going to beauticians is that no one can ever fix my hair the way I do. It is pretty simple: curl the hair, pick it out, curl the pieces that are rebellious then cement it in place! LOL You should see some of the hair dos they have created! Today was hysterical: the top of my hair was a rectangular mass of tintsy tiny curls which made it look like I had a strange looking mohawk! you should have seen the looks I got! I came home, plugged in my curling rod and within a few minutes my hair looked semi normal... it will take a few days for the perm to relax then I may go back and get her to shape it.

Last night to hear the weather forecast you would have thought we were going to have a major snow storm! and yet... they said we could get between 1 and 3 inches while other places will get nine - well, that covered all the bases! LOL Such heavy snow we had! Invisible snow! I really had to be watching for that invisible black ice! Ha. Right now it is snowing what I call hamster dandruff... you know, you can barely see it but it is there!

Well, I have several things I need to do: 1) Write to a penpal or two; 2) begin again on my picture that I mussed up last night. 3) Take down some notes for that great american novel I've been contemplating writing.

Hey, there goes 5 big snow flakes! Quick, close down the city! Bwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............

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