Today I got Out of bed and wrote a Midterm which is a big deal for me!

Sometimes I just can't get up out of bed. I wake up and it feels like I havent slept a wink, then as I get out of bed the pain wakes with me and I'm sore from head to toe, my back has electric shock like pains running up the shoulder blades but today I have to get up. I had an Addictions Counseling Course Midterm and so I push my body to put clothes on, to take my synthroid for my Hashimoto's, then eat breakfast, then take ciprelex for the fibromyalgia, and antibiotics for a UTI and then I slowly get my bags and go to class. On the way there I grab a coffee at Timmy's cause I'm so tired I don't know how I'm going to write an exam. As I drive the rest of the way to the College I thank God for coffee and Tim Hortons :) My College has a really steep winding hill to go up to get to the buildings and on my way up i see a dark thing in a 100 yards from my car as I get closer, this little deer head with big ears and big eyes  pops up as he chews grass, and I smile because he was just so cute! As I get in the classroom I see that for once I am not late, I am greeted by faces I don't recognize turn to look at me. The faces belong to peers who I do not know because I barely attend classes as I get sick quite often and end up in bed in pain. Today I don't look away, or at the ground, because Today I got out of bed, and left the house, and saw an adorable deer and heck the traffic was even easy to weave through! I sit down and  the midterm is handed out. It takes me an half hour to write and I walk out certain that my hard studies paid off! I feel ten feet high cause not only did I get out of bed but I'm pretty certain I aced a very important test! What amazing things happen when I get out of bed! as I drive home I smile as I see the colorful fall leaves and feel accomplished, like all those late nights and weeks of studying has paid off. So Today, inspite of the pain I feel great because I made it out of bed and it was worth it! 

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