Today is my birthday… dah duh duh duh duh… it’s YOUR birthday too, y’all Giveaway!

Wow, I cannot believe I’m 37 today! I mean, technically I’m 36 until 3:37 this afternoon but for the sake of semantics, we’ll go ahead and refer to me as being the big 3-7! I swear there are moments when I feel what 16 was supposed to feel like (you know, world is full of promise, a box of chocolates and all that jazz) but didn’t when I actually was 16.  I certainly don’t feel 37 and I really, really hope I don’t look 37.  If I do, lie to me and do the whole “Wow you don’t look a DAY over 32! bit.   It can be your birthday present to me. As much as I mock the whole, “40 is the new 30″, I think 37 feels like the new 25 except you’re actually a fully formed person and have the cash to do all the things you wanted to do at 25! Also, the last few years have been really good to me and mine.  I live in a nice home in a beautiful area.  My company is doing well and I have fantastic coworkers and team mates at FM and on client sites to share the stress, insanity and yes, FUN! of working with some of the industry leaders in corporate America and the government.  I have amazing friends who are true and loyal and wonderful and accept all of my quirks.  And most importantly, I have my family whom I love and who love me in spite of myself. :-)  I have a healthy, happy, amazing daughter and a good egg of an ex-husband who remains active and involved in both of our lives and a hey dude do list (cause a honey-do list would be too weird, ya know?) to prove it. Every once in awhile, I fall into this little whiny, complaining mode but luckily have great people in my life who let me vent and then gently smack me upside the head and remind me that, compared to most, I’m living the dream. So, to celebrate all that goodness, happiness and joy in my life what better way to say Happy birthday to myself than by giving YOU a gift.

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