Today is Wednesday...Wednesday is Grandkids Day! Is Everybody Happy!

Today is Wednesday and that means I pick up my grandchildren from school, feed them dinner and then take them to church for a fun time!  They love going to the classes and learning about Jesus. it is the first day back since the Christmas break and it is so cold outside!  We are normally around 50 degrees but today it is a wind chill of 25.  Even though I grew up in the North and loved cold weather and snow, I have gotten use to the warm weather of the South and I like it!

Last Wednesday my husband and I took them to Jockey's Ridge where they were able to jump in the sand dunes as I captured pictures of them and grandpa.  They also enjoyed learning about the Wright Brothers and looking at the items in the museum.  The walk on the beach was a little chilly though but it didn't seem to slow them down as they chased after the few sea gulls that had hadn't flown inland yet. 

I love our little day exploring trips...anything that broadens their world and lets them experience happy times! I love that every Wednesday is set aside for "grandma" time!!

Today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday. Is everybody happy?  Well I should say so!!


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