Today's Foodism: Mornings Are For The Birds ... And Breakfast

Image courtesy Dusky / FreeDigitalPhotos.netOnly dull people are brilliant at breakast.

~Oscar Wilde

Mornings. For some, it is their favorite time of day. Rise and shine, bright and early, up and at 'em and all that nonsense. For me, mornings are the bane of my existence. I once owned a sleep shirt with the image of a frazzled and worn out looking Garfield the Cat on the front with a line that read "I don't do mornings." I kept that shirt for nearly 20 years and wore the heck out of it ... until the short sleeves practically fell off and the collar was frayed and tattered. That shirt epitomized my view of mornings. So it should come as no surprise that breakfast, while considered the most important meal of the day, is my least inspired time of the day. I admire those whose minds are as sharp as a tack at the damn-near crack 'o dawn. However, I don't believe that their early a.m. luminosity is in any way a barometer for their otherwise mindnumbing or lackluster personality traits. I get it: Some people are just morning people. And more power to them. As for me, I reserve my brilliance for the time of day when my mind is at its sharpest: after I've filled my belly. After all, although I don't do mornings very well, the best thing about them is breakfast time.

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