Today's Homeschool Lesson in Math: Mega Millions!

Cool Boy is only 4 years old, but he's rocking the kindergarten homeschool curriculum! He's so advanced that I decided that today's lesson would be about integers, randomness, and working with a bounded set.

Knowing that our readers are a well-educated bunch, I know that I don't have to review what integers are, but some of you might need a refresher on what exactly a bounded set is. Heck, I got an A in Calculus III in college, and I still needed Wikipedia's help to make sure.

A bounded set is a set of real numbers that is bounded from below and above to make a finite interval. For today's lesson, we defined a bounded set of, say, 56 integers, from 1 to 56.

Then I introduced the concept of randomness into today's exciting lesson, and I had Cool Boy pick 6 integers out of our bounded set. It was so fun, that we formed another bounded set of 1 to 46, and I had him pick one integer at random!

I can't wait to go to 7-11 and tell them about all the fun we had in today's lesson. Enrichment is fun. I already feel like a (or 540) million bucks!


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