Toddler Activity: Red Light, Green Light, Go!


If your like me, your child is bouncing around from the living room to the kitchen to up the stairs and down the stairs. Help him burn all that energy while learning colors and commands with a fun game of Red Light, Green Light. This is a simple DIY craft and game you can do with your tot. Creating your stop lights is simple as can be and only requires a few items:

-3 pieces of black construction paper

-1 piece of green construction paper

-1 piece of yellow construction paper

-1 piece of red construction paper

-3 straws



-Black Marker

Step 1

Cut the black paper into 3 small rectangles (about the size of your hand). Then cut the green paper into a circle, and do the same for the yellow and red paper. 

Step 2

Glue each circle on to the black paper. Use the black marker to write "Go" on the green circle, "Slow Down" on the yellow circle, and "Stop" on the red circle. As you can see, Baby D got a hold of the colored pencils and decided to add his mark to these stoplights :)


Step 3

Grab a straw and secure it to the back of each "Stoplight" with some tape.


Step 4

PLAY! Baby D goes to the end of the hall and I am on "Police Officer" at the opposite end conducting the lights!

DSCN6524 DSCN6526


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