Toddler Jesus: The Perfect Child

I have a very strong willed two and a half year old daughter whom I love to bits. I cannot place blame on her inherent personality trait without turning a nerve rattled finger towards myself. Don't get me wrong, she is the most nurturing and loving child I know. It's just when she is asked to do something she does not want to do that a problem tends to arise. My husband and I believe in discipline and giving our children healthy and respectful boundaries to operate in. Spanking, timeouts or taking privileges away are all forms of discipline that are designed for the well being of our children. Today I started thinking about Mary, mother of Jesus, after disciplining my daughter. Jesus is perfect, blameless, Holy, without sin. This I know. I have not however, ever thought about this in terms of Jesus as a toddler. Did Mary get the BEST Mommy job on planet?! Think about it. No sin means never disrespecting or testing the waters to see where the limit lies before the spanking comes. Mary would have never had to even think about spanking versus timeout or teach how to apologize to another child for hitting them or yanking a toy from their hand in selfishness. In all realness of the word, Mary did have the PERFECT child. Has anyone else ever thought about this? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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